There are a lot of companies that do what we do.
They have a similar what,
but it's the how and the why that makes people want to work with us.

we're not just about buying, selling, or managing real estate.

We're about real relationships with each other, our clients, and our community.
In real estate that’s not how it usually goes.
Ask 9 of 10 people. They can't tell you diddly about their last agent, brokerage, or property manager.
We're here to change that.

Look Around

We're an eclectic band of individuals, connected by a higher purpose.
We're not looking for success down the path most taken.

Our focus is in the business of transformation.

Connecting people and places is what gets us up in the morning.
And if we’re honest, occasionally keeps us up at night.
Along the way we’ve learned it takes three things to do the most meaningful work of your career.
Just three... not counting coffee.


Everyone has a story to tell. People, homes, neighborhoods, even companies. Stories interpret the past and shape the future. They add meaning to life and are integral to changing the world. Stories connect us with people and places. As a real estate company, we've been invited into a lot of great stories that have inspired us to become Love Your Hood.

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