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Pete + Celeste | Littleton

Pete + Celeste

Parkwood Estates, Littleton

A few years back, LYH broker Deb Albrandt helped Pete and Celeste buy their first home. Celeste actually loved the home buying process so much that she decided to make real estate her career (and is now a part of the Love Your Hood team!). This isn’t the first time Deb has wooed her clients to a career in real estate — if you’re one of her clients a big change may be on your horizon, in addition to a new home! This is the story of Pete and Celeste’s new digs in Littleton:

Pete + Celeste | Littleton

What made you fall in love with this house?

The view. Nuff said. We couldn’t take our eyes off the view. Fortunately, our first showing was at night so we actually looked at the house for that one….!

Pete + Celeste | Littleton

What prompted you to move here?

It was a perfect storm of events, actually. Just a couple weeks after a losing my grandpa back in Ohio, my husband and I were sitting on our Aunt and Uncle’s deck with my parents (they were visiting from OH on a previously planned trip). Without mentioning it, both of us felt… something. The following Saturday we were waking up and I asked Pete if he wanted to trash our plans to move to ocean-front somewhere and buy a house in Colorado. Clearly, the answer was a yes!

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

Getting to know our neighbors. Our first rental in Ohio had a great community feel – everyone talked, popped over, knew each other. Since then, we’ve been plagued by anonymity and craved that neighborly attitude. The fact a few neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves made us feel like home from day one.

Is there a project you’re dying to start?

YES! SO MANY PROJECTS! But, if I had to pick one it would be to finish the basement. I want to keep most of the 700+ sq ft open, but with a flex space for a spare bedroom. Pete insists on a full master bathroom and plenty of storage. I’m most excited about figuring out a wine and beer cellar (fingers crossed on that one) – perfection would be wine or whiskey barrel-lined walls with a stone floor and a barrel to stand around an sip, of course!

Any projects you’ve already tackled?

Just about every wall was white – definitely didn’t work with this house! We’ve painted just about the entire house – all the way up to the 22 ft ceiling! We completely redid the master bath, which I think best represents our “eclectic” style… the vanity is an entertainment center from this great furniture place downtown – Urban Hardwood! Around the year mark, Dad came out from to lay the hardwood floors upstairs in the bedroom, hall and loft. Power tools and sawdust everywhere?! Yes, Please!

What are things in your new neighborhood that remind you of your hometown?

Haha! The fact our next-door neighbor is from Cleveland doesn’t hurt! We also have a handful of mid-west transplants nearby so there’s never a shortage of those who sincerely appreciate more than 1 day of sun a month in the winter, but still LOVE a solid thunderstorm!

Who would you love to connect with in your neighborhood?

It seems simple, but we just want to be surrounded people who want to live in a community: that smile and wave as we pass by (if not stopping to catch up!) and are comfortable popping over for a beer or asking for a hand (or lending one)! Some will just be a wave and a smile, others will grow into close friendship, but we’ll be what neighbors should be regardless!

Pete + Celeste | Littleton

What are some of your neighborhood favorites?

Two words: Downtown Littleton. We love strolling through main street.

Littleton | Love Your Hood

There are so many cute shops and restaurants but these are the ones we frequent:

Coffee Shop: Hands down, our favorite is Ground Up. Ro is a fellow Midwesterner and is always brewing up something to make me happy!

Boutique: Angel Concept. A very cute boutique that helps underprivileged women gain job skills. Rooted Boutique is another AWESOME clothing boutique.

Littleton, Colorado | Love Your Hood®

Pizza: Saucy’s for their cheeseburger pizza (it has American cheese, mustard, and ketchup and it.is.delicious).

Brewery: Jake’s and Green Mountain Beer Company.

Littleton | Love Your Hood

Italian: Angelina’s.

Sushi: Smoking Fins or Iwayama.

Littleton | Love Your Hood

Specialty Store: Chocolate Therapist.

Littleton | Love Your Hood

Ice Cream: Inside Scoop.

Littleton | Love Your Hood

A mile from downtown Littleton is Farm House at Breckenridge Brewery and then of course, Lucile’s Creole Cafe.

Littleton | Love Your Hood

Park: Carbon Mountain is our go to – it’s walking distance from the house and has over 15 miles of trails throughout the park. We are less than 10 minutes from Mount Falcon and Green Mountain, too!

Zach + Anna | Wash Park West, Denver | Love Your Hood Stories

Zach + Anna

West Wash Park, Denver

We love it when our clients know how to have a good time on showings and throughout the buying process. When we think of Zach and Anna, that’s what think of… two people who know how to have fun!

Mark met this awesome couple through the Summit Church and helped them buy their first condo in Five Points. A year or so later, they decided to move on up, so we sold their Five Points condo and helped them find their next home. This is the story of their new chapter in West Wash Park.

What made you fall in love with this house?

Anna: Sitting on the front porch, surrounded by trees, and listening to the birds chirp and how quiet the neighborhood was.

Zach: The front door had a keypad for keyless entry. I always wanted one of those. And when I walked inside everything seemed to sing! It just made me feel like an adult when I walked in.


What prompted you to move here?

Anna: We wanted a dog and the condo we were living in wasn’t dog-friendly. We also want a family down the line and we needed a house we could grow into.

Zach:  We had done a lot with our former condo, but it didn’t feel like home. There was only so much we could do to make it “ours” because we also had a downstairs neighbor who we shared an HOA with, so anytime we wanted to do anything, we had to get his approval. When we decided to move, we wanted a property that we could truly customize and make our own.

Have any special life occasions happened while living here?

We got a dog!!! Our puppy, Luca!

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

Anna:  It feels like its own little small town, but with easy access to big city amenities. And the park!

Zach: I love the trees, the park, and the other dog walkers. I love that Wash Park is only a stone’s throw away and people are active at all hours of the day. It makes me think I could be active like that one day. 😉

Wash Park | Denver, Colorado | Love Your Hood®

Have you made any changes to your home since you bought it?

We’ve updated the upstairs bath, built a 2-car detached garage, completely redid the backyard (it was previously a large gravel lot), painted several rooms and exposed some hidden brick in the kitchen. We also got furniture that actually matched and wasn’t collected through years of gifting or craigslist.

Editor’s Note: Yes, they bought their house in November 2016 and they’ve already done this much work. This is because Anna and Zach have been given the gifts of both vision + action. For instance, the Five Points condo that we helped them buy was not the same Five Points condo we helped them sell. They tore down walls, exposed brick, painted walls, renovated bathrooms… all in a years time. They see the potential of a home and turn it into reality.

What are things in your new neighborhood that remind you of your hometown?

In North Carolina, there are trees all over the place, so all of the trees in our new neighborhood give us a taste of home. This is new for us because our old block was pretty barren when it came to trees.


Who would you love to connect with in your neighborhood?

Zach: Dog owners who work from home, so we could potentially host a dog-sharing program, where a few days a week, you get another dog to come keep your dog company or you drop your dog off with another owner and have some time to think.

What are some of your neighborhood favs?

Baked Goods: Devil’s Food. Their food is incredible and their business has grown so much that they split into a bakery and a separate restaurant.  The new bakery is so homey, with white tiled floors, and large glass containers boasting their wears. The spot is so popular (and they often run out of our favorites – the red velvet cake and coffee crumb cake).

Coffee: Wash Perk and Overt. They’re so close and they both love our dog. Oh, and they also both have really good coffee.

West Wash Park | Denver, Colorado | Love Your Hood®

Brewery: That is one thing we haven’t discovered yet. There are a few outside of walking distance but there is definitely an opportunity for a local pub to move in (hint, hint).

Park: Wash Park. It’s massive with some awesome lakes, running trails, and a great rec center… it’s just beautiful!

Wash Park | Denver, Colorado | Love Your Hood®

Take-out: Swing Thai. Two words: panaang curry. So good that is makes us slow down and enjoy every slurp.

Pizza: Basil Docs makes killer pies. A short 10 minute out-and-back trip will have you with a cheesy, gooey, pizza back at your kitchen table.

Restaurant: Devil’s Food and Vert. Devil’s Food’s food has a touch of Southern style. Not the greasy, deep fried food kind of southern but rather, the restaurant has captured southern hospitality in its flavors… grits that float, golden brown crab cakes, and killer salads.

West Wash Park | Denver, Colorado | Love Your Hood®

Sushi: Taki!

Salon/Spa: El Salon.

Mark + Angie | Clayton, Denver | Love Your Hood Stories

Mark + Angie

Clayton, Denver

We are lucky to get to know our clients and to be invited into their story, and we feel even luckier when they come back to us years later when their housing needs change. In 2014, Mark helped Mark and Angie buy their home when they were just a family of three. In July 2017, he helped them sell it so they could buy a bigger house for their growing family (soon to be six!). It’s extremely special to work with clients who we’ve been able to watch their family grow, and Mark and Angie are some of those clients for us.

Mark + Angie | Clayton, Denver | Love Your Hood Stories

What will you miss most about this house?

There are so many things that we loved about this house but I’ll narrow it down to three.

  1. First, we loved the BIG backyard. It was perfect for the kids to play outside and for us to host gatherings.
  2. Second, we loved the living room and dining room on the main floor. The open floor plan made it a great space for having people over!
  3. Lastly, we loved the brick wall. It was just cool!
Did any special life occasions happen while living here?

We brought our daughter home from the hospital to this house.

Mark + Angie | Clayton, Denver | Love Your Hood Stories

Did you make any changes to your home since you bought it?

The backyard! When we bought this house, it was just dirt, weeds, and concrete. Last summer, we completely overhauled it. We put in sod, a new fence, garden boxes, and a shade sail patio area.

What will you miss most about your neighborhood?

We will definitely miss our neighbors the most!  Clayton is a deeply rooted neighborhood and some of our neighbors have been here for decades. Everyone already knew each other and when we moved into the neighborhood, they were very welcoming to us. We love this neighborhood so much that we decided to stay in it. We are only moving a couple of blocks away!

Editor’s note: Rebecca went over to Mark and Angie’s house the day before we listed it. When she showed up, Angie said that Mark ran down to their neighbor’s home and would be back soon. At least 45 minutes later, Mark shows up and one of the first things he said was “sorry about that, I went to help them with something, but ended up talking and hanging out.” He then proceeded to tell Rebecca about how much they were going to miss the neighbors and he described the epic, annual 4th of July party that one of his neighbors throws every year for the neighborhood.

Could you tell us about your favorite places in your neighborhood?

Park: Nairobi Park is an awesome park, especially for little kids. It has some great green space!

Nairobi Park | Clayton, Denver | Love Your Hood

Coffee Shops: Prodigy Coffee is a local coffee shop with a laid-back atmosphere, great coffee, and even greater mission.

Prodigy Coffee | Elyria Swansea, Denver | Love Your Hood

Eateries: On the weekend mornings, we always walked to get burritos at 3 Girasoles. Hands down the best breakfast burritos in town and it’s only three blocks away!

3 Girasoles | Clayton, Denver | Love Your Hood

Jesse + Carolina | Love Your Hood Stories

Jesse + Carolina

Englewood, Colorado

Long before Jesse and Carolina were thinking of owning a home, they were dear friends of Mark and Jen McClung. What started as a great friendship, led to Mark helping them find their first home, and has even led to Carolina recently joining the Love Your Hood team. We couldn’t feel more privileged to know and do life with this amazing couple. This is the story of the life behind Jesse and Carolina’s home in Englewood.

Jesse + Carolina | Love Your Hood Stories

What made you fall in love with this house?

We have so many favorites. Jesse would say that it is structurally-sound home. He says, “this just makes sense.” But of course, he is an engineer. My (Carolina’s) favorite part would be our windows and how much light we receive in our bedroom and family room. But, I think we could both agree that our absolute favorite part is our backyard. It is spacious and we have five beautiful pine trees that provide a lot of shade — it makes you feel like you are in the mountains.

What prompted you to move here?

We started our journey as a married couple living in a two-bedroom apartment near Wash Park. We lived close to city amenities, but knew that we wanted to start a family and own a house not far from where we were. One that had access to parks and the mountains.


That’s when our friend Mark helped us find a new home! We fell in love with our 1950’s brick ranch. It is perfect for us! It’s only a 15 minute drive to downtown and not far from US-285, which is an easy way to get to the mountains. It’s also close to some great parks and local shops and restaurants, like South Pearl Street, which we visit most weekends.

Have any special life occasions happened while living here?

Last summer, we threw a big party with our family and friends to celebrate our son’s first birthday. We had a BBQ in the backyard and hung a Harley Davidson motorcycle piñata from one of our pine trees. The kids all had a blast with the piñata and we decided that it would become a family tradition!


What do you love most about your neighborhood?

We love that it is a family-oriented neighborhood. Every morning we see our neighbors jogging along the sidewalks with their pets or moms taking their kids for a stroll around the neighborhood. It is a beautiful area with lots of parks, mature trees, and nice homes. We love that we have made great connections with our neighbors.


Have you made any changes to your home since you bought it?

We like to say that this home is our second baby. It has been more of a life journey than just a project to us!

Our vision and end goal is to have a craftsman home with warm details such as copper fixtures and warm colors. The process has been long but rewarding. We have been building our home just the way we like it. We’re working from the inside out, one day at a time. It’s very rewarding to see what you can accomplish as a team.

Editor’s note: The changes to their home truly did start as a project (albeit a big one at that). Over dinner and margs at Benny’s Restaurant, Jesse and Carolina told us (Mark and Jen) they had decided to completely remodel their kitchen, which would be done “in a couple weeks.” <queue giggling> This kitchen renovation, quickly took on a life of it’s own and morphed into a complete gut of their home… down to studs. Needless to say, a few weeks turned into a few months, which has turned into a few years of beautifully piecing their home back together in a way they love.

Is there anything about your neighborhood that reminds you of your hometown?

Carolina: I am originally from Managua, Nicaragua so our current neighborhood is much different than where I grew up (and definitely less humid)! 

Jesse: I grew up in Denver, so this neighborhood reminds me a lot of my childhood. I can’t wait to take lil’ Jesse for bike rides to explore Harvard Gulch park. He already loves the parks, so we go pretty often. 

Who would you love to connect with in your neighborhood?

We have been getting to know young families in our neighborhood with similar interests. About a year ago, we joined a small bible study group through Denver United Church and have met other families with young kids. We are very happy and blessed that we have gotten to know them. 

What are some of your neighborhood favs?

One of the perks of where we live is that we’re only a few minutes away from Denver, which is where some of our favorite places are!

ParkHarvard Gulch Park, Bates-Logan Park, and Washington Park.

RestaurantWe love going out for brunch after church, and our usual places are Maddie’s or Lucile’s. We also went to the Copper Pot a lot during our kitchen remodel (thank you Jose for welcoming us and catering our moving-in party!). We are close to South Pearl Street and enjoy going there for date nights.

PizzaKaos Pizzeria! We’re patio people and this place is hard to beat.

Baked GoodsMaria Empanada! They have the best mushroom and spinach Argentinian empanadas around town.


Mark + Jen McClung

Five Points, Denver

Before Mark and Jen even thought about getting into real estate, Jen’s mom Deb Albrandt had been in the field for years. When the couple started looking for their first house nearly seven years ago, Deb helped them find it. The three of them eventually started Starbuck Realty Group, which has blossomed into Love Your Hood today. This is the story of the life behind Mark and Jen’s home in Five Points.

Mark + Jen McClung's Story in San Rafael, Denver

What made you fall in love with this house?

Mark: We lived in a loft across from Union Station before moving here. We loved the tall ceilings, boxy nature of the architecture, and original elements that were still preserved. This Italianate felt the most like our loft of any of the houses we saw.

Jen: We didn’t have kids at the time, but I envisioned making waffles on Saturday mornings at the island and a fort underneath the odd deck jut-outs as well. We now have two kids and have had a lot of waffles at that island and the fort has conceptualized into a market/ice cream shop.



What prompted you to move here?

Three things:

  1. Grass for our dog. Try finding grass for a dog in LoDo that won’t lift a leg to potty on a tree.
  2. Doors on our rooms. Studio living isn’t made for growing families… or couples that don’t want to hear everything the other half does.
  3. A little more space from our neighbors. Loft living is fun. You just have to be prepared for neighbors that also have very fun lives… which may or may not not coordinate well with your schedule. Think of people living above you coming home at 2 am wearing stilettos when you have to be up at 6 am for work. Or the joy of their toilet running endlessly and starting to drip through the ceiling onto your forehead in the middle of the night. But now we have a solid 11.25″ between our house and our neighbors. No joke.
Have any special life occasions happened while living here?

To say this is our forever home is an understatement. Less than a year after moving in, we got married in our backyard surrounded by our dearest friends and family. Our only “kid” at the time was our beloved dog Bentley, who was our ring bearer along with our nephew.

Mark + Jen McClung's Story in San Rafael, Denver

About a year after that we launched what has become Love Your Hood out of our home office. Our first two kids along with another two dogs have been brought home for the first time here. We sadly said goodbye to Bentley for the last time in our backyard and we’re now about to welcome our third child to this home.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

San Rafael is a sweet spot between downtown and City Park. We’re still able to walk or bike to Rockies games, like we did while living in the loft. And we love the historical homes in this neighborhood and the diversity of people that live here. It’s great being a part of a community of people that truly loves where they live.

Is there anything about your neighborhood that reminds you of your hometown?

Jen: Our street on Halloween. I have some great memories of trick-or-treating as a kid. The few blocks around us knocks the socks off of that experience! Even the adults get into it here, everyone is outside on their porches, and it is a blast!

Have you made any changes to your home since you bought it?

When we bought our house, the only thing we thought we’d change was the paint colors and rip up the carpet on the 2nd floor to put down hardwood. Ha! We ended up doing a small renovation, including closing in the third bedroom right before our first was born. To continue the baby + renovation theme, when a chunk of the floor fell out from our bedroom, it turned into an gutting and renovating the entire second floor. We got to move back into our house five days before our daughter was born, even though the work continued. Since then, we’ve landscaped the front and back yards, including adding a front patio so we can sit outside and meet with neighbors. The next major project will be digging out our basement and adding an addition. So much for just changing the paint!


Who would you love to connect with in your neighborhood?

Jen: I would love to connect more with other women business owners, moms, and homeschooling families.

Mark: I’d like to connect with families in the same stage of life. It’s nice to go through this crazy season with other people!

What are some of your neighborhood favs?

Coffee: Coffee at the Point! It’s very short walk from out house, open late, and has awesome coffee.

Park: Within Five Points, the new playground at Curtis Park is so much fun for our kids! We also love frequenting Benedict Fountain Park since it’s closer and has stellar views of the city.  But, overall you just can’t beat City Park. It’s only a mile from our house and we do so much life there as a family… The Zoo, The Nature & Science Museum, City Park Jazz, bike rides to the playground, runs with our dogs…

City Park, Denver | Love Your Hood

Restaurant: Oh, there are so many to choose from… one of our current favorites has been Los Chingones on Larimer.

Brewery: (Jen) We have way too many amazing options in Five Points. But my favorite is actually a winery. Celeste introduced me to Infinite Monkey Theorem and it’s phenomenal…. looking forward to enjoying some Moscato after baby #3 arrives.

Baked Goods: We’ve had a few dietary restrictions surface in our family, so to accommodate those, Beet Box is a treat! But if I (Jen) fall off the wagon, a bagel from Rosenberg’s or croissant from Rolling Pin is what I’m going for.