Challenge No. 001: Know Your Neighbors

Challenge No. 001: Know Your Neighbors

Miss the background on what the Love Your Hood Challenge is all about? Check it out here.

Love Your Hood - Love Your Neighbor

This challenge is an important one. It’s one that might take a while to complete — it’s to embrace that loving your neighbor is a worthwhile endeavor and to get to know the people that live closest to you. But, it’s hard to love the people around us when we don’t even know their names.

A whopping 90% of people don’t know the names of their eight closest neighbors.†

For real! We want to help change that. So, first things first. We’re going to find out who lives next door. Here’s what that looks like:

Challenge No. 001:

Print out your neighbor grid and fill out who you know.

This grid is meant to represent your home (the heart) and your eight closest neighbors. Your street might not look like a grid, so pick the eight closest folks to you. If you live in a building, this could include the people that live next to you, as well as above and below you. (Because when someone’s toilet is leaking at 2 a.m. and you awake to water dripping on your head, it’s really handy to have their info — trust us!) We’ve even added a nifty checklist to keep track of all the challenges throughout the year.

So, what kinds of things should you fill out on your grid? Start with names. Once you know who lives there, add things you know, such as hobbies, what they do for work, pets, and so forth.

Already know everyone on your grid? 🙌 Keep on doing your thing and consider getting to know your next closest neighbors too!

Know Your Neighbor Grid

Print the grid

BONUS Challenge: Read a book or listen to a podcast about neighboring to get your mind in the game. A few ideas to pique your interest:

† The Art of Neighboring by Dave Runyon and Jay Pathak

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We’d love to see how you rocked this challenge! Snap a photo (or take a video) of you taking on challenge no. 001! Then:

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