Challenge No. 008: Bring Treats

Challenge No. 008: Bring Treats

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Once upon a time, neighbors welcomed newcomers to their neighborhood with baked goods and dishes of food in hand. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a new neighbor’s arrival to go completely unnoticed.

Challenge No. 008:

Bring a treat.

It’s hard not to spread good vibes with a treat in hand. Whether you want to welcome a new neighbor, help out new parents, or reach out to someone that’s shut-in, food (and drinks) are an incredibly kind gesture. This challenge can be as simple as you’d like. Here are a few ideas of different treats one of your neighbors might appreciate:

Bring a yummy treat.

Sometimes simple is best. A few months ago, I (Jen) was mixing up a batch of cookies with our kids. Instead of eating them all ourselves (three kids can do that rather quickly), we decided to bring a plate down to an older neighbor. She was beside herself with this small gesture! It was a great excuse to share something we were already making with someone else. Consider sharing a treat you’re already planning on making with a neighbor to brighten their day and keep it easy for you!

Offer a meal.

Know some new parents? Anyone renovating and without a working kitchen? Folks that aren’t able to leave the house easily? A family in a bustling or stressful season of life? Someone that’s just gotten out of the hospital? A neighbor that’s often alone? Just like us, they need to eat. Receiving a homemade meal will likely mean the world to them. Not a cook? Send some take-out instead.

Have drinks in hand.

Noticed a neighbor’s been working hard on a project outside or in their garage? Grab a few beers and head over to share a drink (and maybe even a hand).

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