Challenge No. 010: Show Gratitude

Challenge No. 010: Show Gratitude

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It’s November, which means we’ve already got “be thankful” on the calendar for the 28th, right? But gratitude deserves more than one dedicated day. Its proven benefits help us in countless ways–from feeling more positive emotions and relishing in good experiences, to improving our health, dealing with adversity and building strong relationships (something we care deeply about here at Love Your Hood). Talk about a win-win.

Challenge No. 010:

Show gratitude.

So how do we spread the thankful cheer to our neighbors? Here are a few ideas to get you in the spirit.

Deliver a handwritten thank you or note.

Showing gratitude and practicing intentionality go hand-in-hand. It may be easier to say thanks in passing or with a quick text, but a handwritten card or note says so much more. Have a neighbor that’s done something kind for you recently? How about an all-around rockstar neighbor? Send a thank you! A note to express why you’re grateful for your neighbor is incredibly thoughtful.

**Want to read about how a man’s experience of writing a thank you every day for a year changed his life? Check out our bonus challenge below for more details.**

Praise them publicly.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and let the good deeds or character of others go unacknowledged. Utilize your online neighborhood group, social media or interactions with other neighbors to acknowledge and show gratitude for the people in your hood. Letting someone know you appreciate them may mean more than you realize.

Add them to your holiday card list.

Show a neighbor you appreciate their place in your life by adding them to your holiday card list. It’s a simple way to invite them into your year and show that you count them among your blessings. Who knows, you may just get one back!

BONUS Challenge: Just joining the challenge or looking to get your mind in the game? Here are a few ideas to pique your interest and spark a little gratitude:

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