Challenge No. 011: Celebrate Together

Challenge No. 011: Celebrate Together

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The holidays are a bustling time of year, whether we’re heading to gatherings, hosting our own, hitting the streets caroling, or attending a holiday play. But this month’s challenge is to celebrate together, and that means inviting your neighbors into your life and into that busyness!

Challenge No. 011:

Celebrate together.

Invite them in.

Have neighbors over for cookies and hot chocolate. Welcome a family to come sledding with your kids. Host a present-wrapping party and provide the supplies. Are they missing family? Invite them to your holiday dinner!

Progressive meals.

Looking for a way to change up your next dinner party? Split it! A progressive meal is where different courses are served at different homes. Start at one neighbor’s home for the drinks and/or appetizers, head down the street for the main course, and finish up at another home for dessert! It’s a great way to share the hosting responsibilities and further get to know your neighbors on a personal level. For an added twist, choose courses from the same cookbook or food blogger (Half Baked Harvest is a Colorado-based favorite).

Random get-togethers.

Planning and schedule-swapping during the holidays can get overwhelming. Sometimes the best gatherings happen spontaneously! If you find yourself with a free evening, reach out to your neighbors for a simple get-together without the major coordination. The simplicity of playing some board games, throwing on the game or catching up over a bottle of wine can turn into memorable nights of connection.

BONUS Challenge: Just joining the challenge or looking to get your mind in the game? Read a book or listen to a podcast about neighboring to see what others have to say. A few ideas to pique your interest:

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