Who James Helps

Whether it's tenants or coworkers, James thrives when he's helping everyone he can. His goal is to ensure all LYH properties are in tip-top shape and everyone is met with a smile.

Q + A with James

We sat down with James to find out what makes him tick:

What about your work excites you?
Each day I look forward to learning new things, solving a variety of issues and meeting new people.
How do you Love Your Hood?
I pick up trash when I walk my dog in Cory Merrill. I'm still learning about my hood.
How do you keep your fire going?
Music, the arts, documentary films & camping... especially camp fires.
If you weren't doing what you are today, what other job would you have?
A sculptor.
What's your guilty pleasure?
Eating at Casa Bonita!
Love Your Hood Stories

James' Story

James is an Arkansas native who recently made Colorado his new home. He loves the outdoors and the arts, and he's enjoying exploring all of the parks, green spaces, venues, and culture that Denver has to offer. James grew up working with his family to maintain numerous rental properties, and is excited to bring his problem-solving skills to Love Your Hood.

Who James Supports

Some of James' favorite organizations to support. Check 'em out!

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