Who Jen Helps

Jen is a behind the scenes gal and deeply involved in the vision and all things marketing related for our company. That’s marketing, not sales… you can tell the difference by how long it takes her to answer her phone! She loves creating tools to help our team put their best foot forward.

Q + A with Jen

We sat down with Jen to find out what makes her tick:

What about your work excites you?
I love creating things from scratch. Whether it’s designing a new marketing piece, re-branding a company, or building a business from the ground up, I love the creative potential within the adventure. But doing this by myself, wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilling. It’s the people I get to build things with that make it worthwhile!
How do you Love Your Hood?
San Rafael (in Five Points) has been our home since 2010. Mark and I wanted to get involved with our neighborhood, however we could, and first heard about our RNO an entire year after moving in. I wanted to help others more easily connect so I started the OSRNO Facebook group and later on became a part of the board's communication committee, and helped create our email blasts and our neighborhood’s first website. Mark and I also finished renovating our front patio into a usable space so we can get out and meet our neighbors more regularly. The beauty of having alleys is how much more life happens in front yards around the neighborhood. The ugly part of alleys is how junked up they get. I've had an obsession trying to keep ours free of weeds and trash, but my efforts have been slowed with the gaggle of small children we've added to our home. We're looking forward to organizing more alley clean up days in the future!
How do you keep your fire going?
The three R’s… running, relationships, and religion. My faith is paramount to who I am and everything I do in life. My life is so much richer (and maybe a bit crazier) because of my family & dear friends. Running keeps that craziness (and the chocolate habit) in check.
Where are you in your picture and why are you there?
This photo is at Union Station looking down 17th Street. Before we moved to Five Points, Mark and I lived in the building on the left side of this photo. He proposed to me in front of the building on the right, on Christmas Eve 2010 on our way home from a snowy walk with our beloved golden retriever Bentley. While Union Station has become a popular place over the last few years during its transformation, it will always have a special place in our family history!
If you weren't doing what you are today, what other job would you have?
When I was in second grade, I traded my desk organizing services for stickers. I accumulated a pretty solid collection. Actually, I loved organizing so much that I used to have a business doing it. If I didn’t love my current work, I’d go back to helping people get organized in a heartbeat.
What's your guilty pleasure?
I love dark chocolate. I have a special bin for it in our pantry and even stash a little in my nightstand. At one point, our then two year old caught onto my hiding spots and took it upon himself to make his own stash in a place I’d never look… on the side of the toilet. Touché!
Love Your Hood Stories

Jen's Story

Raised in Illinois, Jen started taking summer vacations with her family to Steamboat Springs while in middle school. It was then that she knew Colorado would someday become home. She first made a stop in Madison, Wisconsin to study zoology and business, play some hockey, and become a proud Badger alumna.

Trading veterinary studies for a dog named Bentley, Jen’s venture to Colorado began in 2005. She soaked up everything the state had to offer, filling her time with camping, hiking, snowboarding, more hockey, and lots and lots of running. A few years later, Mark entered their lives. In 2011, Mark and Jen married in the backyard of the home they bought in San Rafael Historic District of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. Entrepreneurial at heart, they longed for a business they could build together. On the heels of the news that their first child was on the way, the couple started a real estate company together with Jen’s mom, who had recently relocated to Colorado.

Five years, two kids, two dogs, and two home renos later, things in business felt too status quo. God was tugging on the couple to bring their personal vision into their work. Combining their desire to build community in their neighborhood with their real estate work, Love Your Hood was born.

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