Who Mike Helps

Mike is our numbers guy. He manages and processes all of the payments and collections for Love Your Hood’s residential and commercial properties. He helps keep vendors, tenants, clients, and property owners happy through great communication and maintaining a positive relationship with all of them (which by the way, comes easy for Mike!).

Q + A with Mike

We sat down with Mike to find out what makes him tick:

What about your work excites you?
Accounting is centralized around solving detailed problems that demand organization and efficiency. I thrive on the structure this brings along with the ability to work independently. (Someone finally understands the dangers of micromanaging!)
How do you Love Your Hood?
I’m very socially active and enjoy spending time at local establishments with friends, neighbors, and the occasional stranger on the street. The vibrancy and openness of the Denver community make it an especially great place to entertain and be entertained. And of course my dog, Buster, insists I have a regular set of dog park and dog walking friends.
How do you keep your fire going?
A positive attitude and an excitement for life is key.
Where are you in your picture and why are you there?
I am downtown on Larimer Square in front of one of the best comedy clubs in the country, Comedy Works. I chose to have my picture taken here because not only am I a huge fan of comedy but I’m also an aspiring stand up comedian. I have been working at the craft for a few years now and have recently started performing at this Comedy Works in the various New Talent showcases. As many of the top comics across the country will attest, Comedy Works in Denver is a special place. It’s both a whole lot of fun and a privilege to perform at such a great club. And Larimer Square is full of excellent restaurants with great nightlife!
If you weren't doing what you are today, what other job would you have?
What's your favorite rule to break?
All of them.
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Mike's Story

Mike was raised in Milwaukee, WI as the youngest grandchild in a large Italian family. A tennis scholarship brought him to the University of St. Thomas, where he earned degrees in accounting and philosophy (yes, both!). Pondering profound theories on the meaning of life did not distract him from landing a job as a Certified Public Accountant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Chicago.

2006 brought Mike out of the wind and to the sunny slopes of Breckenridge, where he worked a season on ski patrol. After his hiatus in the mountains, he worked his way to VP of Health Distribution in eight short years at Transamerica Employee Benefits. But, the Colorado humidity became too much and his job moved him from Denver to Phoenix. Feeling parched, he was then transferred to Tampa.

But, Colorado never stopped it’s call. Nearly a decade after his first move to Denver, he returned in 2016 and joined Love Your Hood shortly thereafter.

Clearly, Mike is not your typical accountant-comedian-philosopher! When he isn’t crunching numbers, you’ll also find him moonlighting at Denver bars and comedy clubs as an amateur stand-up comedian. He also enjoys reading (Tom Clancy fiction and the NY Times daily), skiing/snowboarding (obviously), traveling (next stop: Brazil), playing guitar, and cheering on the Packers, Brewers and WI Badgers.

Who Mike Supports

Some of Mike's favorite organizations to support. Check 'em out!

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