Who Paul Helps

Paul is the “go to” guy for residents and tenants of all the properties that Love Your Hood manages. If anything needs to be fixed or replaced, he’s the man for the job!

Q + A with Paul

We sat down with Paul to find out what makes him tick:

What about your work excites you?
What excites me the most about my job is being able to solve a problem that a tenant may have.
How do you Love Your Hood?
I love the aspect of community and want to be involved as much as possible.  I treat my neighbors like family and I am always helping out my neighbors.
How do you keep your fire going?
Knowing that people can count on me to help them out and treat them like family. That keeps my fire going.  
Where are you in your picture and why are you there?
I’m in front of Eagle Rider in downtown Denver. I chose this place because it's the closest to my mantra: "Every mile is my destination. Every failure is my motivation. Every road is my nation. I’m a biker and I live to ride."
If you weren't doing what you are today, what other job would you have?
I would probably still be remodeling Denver’s historic homes.
What's something on your bucket list?
To take a road trip on my Harley Davidson that would make it through each of the 48 continental states.
Love Your Hood Stories

Paul's Story

Paul is a Colorado native (yes they do exist!) - born and raised in Eagle and spending his summers in his mom’s home town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. In 2000, Johnson and Wales University brought him 135 miles East to the promised land of Denver, where he earned two bachelor degrees: one in Marketing and the other in Sports and Entertainment/Event Management.

He then spent 12 years in hospitality, culminating with 4 years as general manager of a hotel chain. (Yeah, that’ll burn a guy out…) Paul left the corporate world behind to pursue construction and working on homes.

Enter Mark and Jen: “We need help renovating the second story of their 1890s Italianate Victorian home.”

Enter Paul: “I’ll do it!”

After just three months, the McClung’s were so impressed they couldn’t imagine life without him. They promptly offered him a job at Love Your Hood and the rest is history.

When Paul isn’t busy killing it at Love Your Hood, you can find him helping his wife, Carol, with her food truck, Pink Zebra Cupcakes. He has honed his ever-expanding skill set to include master taster and her biggest advocate.

Who Paul Supports

Some of Paul's favorite organizations to support. Check 'em out!

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