Who Rebecca Helps

Rebecca helps buyers in any season of life, who are looking to buy in the Denver metro area. Whether it's their first time home or their 20th investment property, she is your go-to girl!

While we don’t measure success by how much we sell, you might want to know that we’re actually good at what we do. Find out what others have to say about Rebecca and the homes she’s helped her clients buy and sell.

Q + A with Rebecca

We sat down with Rebecca to find out what makes her tick:

What about your work excites you?
I literally love everything about my work! I love that my job is all-encompassing and deeply relational. The best part is the people I get to do it for -- I LOVE working with our clients! I have been a part of so many different stories with people I would've never crossed paths with if it weren't for real estate.
How do you Love Your Hood?
We love our hood by getting to know who lives around us and by inviting others into what our neighborhood offers. We are constantly having people over and walking to Pearl Street or Broadway to support all of the local businesses that exist in our neighborhood. We also make it a point to get together with our neighbors and help them however they need.
How do you keep your fire going?
I keep my fire going by surrounding myself with an incredible community that inspires, supports, encourages, and celebrates each other. Spending time with my husband and my kindreds is crucial for me if I’m going to bring the fire. And, as a person who has high capacity and a habit of saying “yes” to everything and everyone, I’ve learned how important it is to say “no” in order to prioritize these relationships. Oh, and running! Running is the only time I actually love being by myself (#extrovert) so making sure to fit that in so I can regroup is an absolute must.
Where are you in your picture and why are you there?
I am in front of the famous Denver mural on the corner of Arapahoe and Broadway. I drive by this sign every day on the way to work. The reason why I chose this for my picture is because 1.) it’s so colorful and 2.) I love the declaration that is painted on it: “love your city.” My love for Denver runs deep and it’s a responsibility I take seriously.
If you weren't doing what you are today, what other job would you have?
Interior designer.
What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?
Moisturize twice a day and always write a thank you note.
Love Your Hood Stories

Rebecca's Story

Growing up in the historic area of Shreveport, an obsession for solidly built homes with charm and character (they just don't make them like they used to!) was engrained in Rebecca from a young age. She is a proud southerner (and die hard New Orleans Saints fan… WHO DAT?!) whose roots run deep in Louisiana. But, after a series of awesome, life-changing events, Denver called in 2012.

Rebecca was given the opportunity to obtain her masters in Justice and Mission from Denver Seminary. Her love for Denver as a city grew, so she started a non-profit and entered the real estate industry. Most people think that the real estate and non-profit worlds don’t go together, but when combining the vision of Love Your Hood with the mission of her non-profit, it went hand-in-hand. Besides, Rebecca has never been the type of person to only do one thing at a time anyways.

Rebecca, her husband Tim, and their perfect dog Bear currently reside in the Platt Park area. When she is not busy fulfilling the responsibilities that come with her role as a real estate broker and as an Executive Director of a non-profit, you can find her traveling, running, shopping, skiing, camping, or hiking the Rocky Mountains, cheering on Drew Bree's and the New Orleans Saint’s, and exploring mountain towns, local restaurants, breweries and coffee shops.

Who Rebecca Supports

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