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Rebecca Cooper

A look back at 2019: Big multifamily sales, “opportunity zones,” and lots of development

Source: Andrew Dodson of the Denver Business Journal A lot happened in 2019 for the Denver real estate market. Here are a few highlights. Opportunity Zone Projects Investors and developers invested around $1 billion in opportunity zones, a plan known as a “once in a lifetime federal economic development program” that allows investors to defer[...]

New rule bans ‘coming soon’ marketing

Source: Andrew Dodson of the Denver Business Journal Beginning this January, real estate agents will no longer be allowed to market listings as "coming soon." The driving force behind this? Agents will try to market to their network and score both sides of the transaction. This new rule creates an even playing field for all buyers and agents, but [...]

Seven Numbers that Explain Denver Real Estate in Early August

Source: Megan Arellano at The Denverite We will go ahead and put your mind at ease: this article isn’t talking about seven-figure home prices! Instead, Denverite brilliantly breaks down the seven different numbers that are affecting the Denver real estate market. From Denver’s ranking in the Case-Shiller index, to the number of construction c[...]

Denver’s Most Expensive Neighborhood for Renters is a Culture Capital

Source: Denver Business Journal Denver real estate has thrown us an interesting curve ball and we love where it’s taking us. Golden Triangle, one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, is the most expensive area to rent (we’re talking median rent of $2,100 for a one bedroom!). The art scene, local restaurants and bars, and all of the happening f[...]
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