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Denver Real Estate Market Update – August 2017

Denver Real Estate Market Update - August 2017

Months of inventory dropped 5.5% year over year. Average days on the market went up 20%. The median price for single family homes are up 11.8%. Why are homes sitting longer but everything else is trending toward an even tighter seller’s market?

One word, extremes. Buyers are circling the inventory like sharks, waiting for homes to hit. Homes in desirable ‘hoods, priced well, and in great condition are gone in a matter of days — sometimes hours. If a home hits the market and is passed over during the first week, it will likely remain on the market until action is taken by the seller (price drop, improvement, enticement, etc). Some sellers are overzealous and think the market is so hot they can just toss any crazy number on the listing and they will get an offer. The savvy buyer these days will only consider homes that are hitting now and rarely go back for a second look unless there is a substantial change in the listing.

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