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99 percent of Denver homes regain or surpass pre-recession value, Trulia analysis says.

Source: Aldo Svaldi at The Denver Post

99% of Denver Homes Regain Pre-Recession Value

Remember the recession? Your home most likely doesn’t! Almost 99% of homes in Denver metro have exceeded prices from their pre-recession peak. Out of 100 housing markets that Trulia researched, Denver metro is among the best in recovering from what happened a decade ago. This is great but Denver still has some catching up to do in the income department. Incomes are only up 20% since the recession and buyers are having a harder time affording a house.

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The Top Ten Denver Neighborhoods of 2016 – Second Quarter Update

Second quarter 2016 was an eventful one for Denver real estate. The Brexit gave us lower-than-ever mortgage rates and as the second quarter ended, we saw more home inventory than we have had all year. As a result, price reductions increased and it seems like buyers may have more choices and power. But not only did June give us more active and new listings, it also set the record for days on market, average and median sold price, number of homes that sold, and sold volume.

We could be on our way to a much needed market correction.

The 10 Most Expensive Denver Neighborhoods

Sun Valley, Denver, Colorado

When compiling the 10 most expensive Denver Neighborhoods, we found it valuable to include a list based on the greatest price per square foot and another based on highest median sales price. When you think Hilltop neighborhood you think of large houses and expansive lots. While this neighborhood boasted the highest median sale prices in the city, it doesn’t have the highest prices per square foot. Instead, if you want to know the most expensive prices per square foot of real estate, check out the second list. Here you’ll find properties in more densely populated neighborhoods.  While the properties may not be as large, each square foot of them is more pricey.

Based on 2nd Quarter 2016 Median Sale Prices

It’s no surprise to see the top eight neighborhoods on the most expensive neighborhoods based on median sales price list! Now we know what everyone is talking about when they say Denver is expensive! What IS a surprise is to see Sun Valley on this list. With one purchase in April (and the whole year), it made its debut but you probably won’t see it on this list again.


(Based on Median Sale Price)

Rank Neighborhood

Median Sale Price
(2016 Q2)

Price per Sq. Ft.
(2016 Q2)


Country Club








Cherry Creek




Washington Park








University Park




Cory – Merrill








Washington Park West




Sun Valley



Denver County