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U.S. Real Estate News Recap: April 2021

Here’s a quick digest of what happened in U.S. real estate last month:

+ Many older millennials are burdened by housing costs, and it could keep them from reaching other financial goals.

+ What are the secret economic forces fueling the housing shortage? Inman’s Jim Dalyrymple II says increasingly expensive building supplies (think lumber, steel, and even paint) are driving up the cost of housing. Meanwhile, institutional investors are gobbling up to 20-30% of homes for sale, which is affecting inventory.

+ As ADUs or “granny flats” continue to grow in popularity, here are 4 hidden costs of accessory dwelling units that you should plan for.

+ Looking to sell soon? Find out the one thing you should never do to your yard before selling your house. Bonus: it’ll save you some cash!


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