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U.S. Real Estate News Recap: July 2021

Here’s a quick digest of what happened in U.S. real estate last month:

+ Home sellers are still making big profits as home prices keep setting records, but their margins took a hit in the second quarter. Is this a cause for concern? While purchase prices have skyrocketed and length of homeownership has decreased, we haven’t seen a dip in profit margins during the second quarter since 2008.

+ Finding a home to buy can be quite a challenge today — especially when you have one to sell and don’t want to end up without a place to live. NerdWallet offers some strategies to help you avoid this situation. Too much to take in? reach out to us and we’ll walk you through it!

+ The U.S. Supreme Court ruled racially restrictive housing covenants unenforceable, but many property owners are shocked to find these restrictions still remain on paper. State lawmakers are working on legislation to help homeowners remove “whites only” covenants from their property records.

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