Love Your Hood

Colin + Sarah

Sloan Lake, Denver

The first time we met Colin, it was at a showing for a house with a leaking roof and trash cans strewn about to catch all the water. It was a mess. But it was fun and a memory we’ll never forget. We loved working with this bitcoin genius and his then-girlfriend-now-fiance, Sarah. Sarah is bubbly and engaging, and Colin is analytical and personable. The best part of it all was seeing them focus on their goal: starting their life together. And we would say that it’s a great one!

What made you fall in love with this house?

It’s hard to pick just one, but what really sealed the deal was the open layout upstairs. We love to host friends and family as often as possible.  As soon as we saw it in person, we knew this would be the perfect place to do just that!  Mark and Rebecca were ninja fast to respond and help coordinate that first walk through so quickly. (Editor’s Note: we loved hearing Sarah talk so fondly of her mother-in-law. She was SO excited for their new home to have space to host her, even to the point of saying, ‘I would have her live with us forever if I could!’)

What prompted you to move here?

Sloan’s Lake is a perfect blend of neighborhood feels with nearby downtown amenities. We enjoy the urban lifestyle that downtown Denver has to offer and the enjoy the lake and greenery nearby.

Is there a project you’re dying to start:

Does decorating count?! We won’t be breaking down walls anytime soon – mostly because we love the space as is! Painting, furniture, and decor really go a long way! We also moved in the winter but ecstatic to tend to the raised garden along the side of the house. Hellooo fresh veggies!

What most excites you about the neighborhood you’re moving into?

Back home in Orlando, Florida, there’s this super iconic spot called Lake Eola. It’s a beautiful park in the heart of downtown that hosts wine festivals, art walks, and farmers markets. You can even ride big white swan boats around the lake itself! We’ll often refer to Sloan’s Lake as the “Lake Eola of Denver.” Being so close to the water feels like a little slice of home. It has also been one of Colin’s favorite places in Denver and for good reason: views of the city skyline on one side and mountain ranges on the other! Can’t beat it.

What are some of your neighborhood favs?

Tacos El Paisa has a mean Taco Tuesday — $1 tacos and the margaritas are delicious! Rosita’s is another neighborhood favorite.

Briar Common Brewery & Eatery is somewhere we can’t wait to ride our bikes to in warmer weather. They’ve got great beers and even better apps. Also a solid spot to hang out at before game days or shows at Mile High Stadium.

Hallack Park is our go-to for dog walks and puppy hang time. It’s a great spot to meet other pups and their owners in the neighborhood, too!

Sarah’s a total sucker for Chick-Fil-A french fries and the fact that Target is so close could be considered dangerous.

Who would you love to connect with in your neighborhood?

You know, we feel really fortunate to have already connected with some of our immediate neighbors so quickly. There’s a solid mix of young families, retirees, and young couples, like ourselves, just getting started. When you add the wide variety of dog-owners we’ve run into at the nearby park and bopping around some of the local shops, we totally feel a friendly, welcoming vibe all around.

Want to live in Sloan Lake?

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