Love Your Hood

Colleen + Kayce

Wash Park West, Denver

Together for ten years and now newly married, Colleen and Kayce moved into their Wash Park West brick bungalow over a year ago. They had rented in the same neighborhood for seven years prior and have loved settling down in an area that was already home to them, with favorite local spots already nailed down and friends in close proximity. The extra time at home in 2020 gave them the opportunity to invest in home projects, whether it was updating small fixtures or adjusting their basement and upstairs guest area into home offices for each of them. This charming home had the perfect combination of old-school character, updated features, and outdoor space for Colleen and Kayce (and their cat, Lewie)

What made you fall in love with your home?

Location, location, location. We’ve lived in Wash Park West for a long time, so we were really hoping to find something here, but tried not to get our hopes up. We loved the rental we lived in for seven years, and this house felt like a more spacious and grown-up version. We appreciate the old-school charm with updated fixtures and appliances.

Colleen (left) and Kayce (right).

Colleen (left) and Kayce (right).

Colleen pointing out their skylight.

A lighting fixture that came in the house, plus solar tubing to create more natural light.

Updated kitchen features.

We love our two outdoor living spaces, especially the covered front porch and xeriscaped backyard.

We love finally having room to properly store our outdoor toys and tools in the garage. We used to have to store our mountain bikes in our kitchen and tuck away our skis and camping gear into hidey-holes all over the house. Kayce’s dad came out a month after we moved into the new house and completely gutted our garage, turning it into a storage dream. The bonus basement space has also been huge during the pandemic. We converted the guest area into a multi-use space that accommodates a home gym and office space.

Heading downstairs.

The basement office.

A painting of their previous home of seven years, painted by a past neighbor.

What prompted you to make a move?

We’ve always wanted to own a home, and we were tired of renting. It’s a no-brainer.

Cozying up by the (faux) fire.

Lewie posing for the camera.

Colleen’s childhood dining table and chairs.

Is there a project you’re dying to start in your new place (or some that you’ve already tackled)?

We’ve been on a tear in terms of home renovations. We had to replace the roof, gutters, and paint almost immediately after moving in after a huge hail storm, but we’ve tackled some fun projects too. We replaced the original windows, converted a storage room in the basement into an office, added a section of new kitchen cabinets, painted the first floor, added an evaporative cooler and a couple solar tubes, and refreshed the upstairs bathroom. We also added garden beds and irrigation out back, and gutted the garage. Getting a new washer/dryer was honestly one of the more exciting upgrades we made, after schlepping to the laundromat for seven years.

Cheers to home ownership!

Their spice cabinet, a pandemic project.

A coat hanger made from the home’s old shelves.

An end table made from the home’s old shelves.

The upstairs office.

What most excites you about the neighborhood you moved into?

Walkability! We already know and love this neighborhood. Being even closer to Wash Park, the light rail, coffee shops and restaurants, South Broadway, South Pearl, and Gaylord…it’s a dream location.

What are things in your neighborhood that remind you of your hometown?

We’re both originally from the midwest, so a lot of the older brick homes remind us of the neighborhoods we grew up in.

Have some favorite places in your neighborhood you could tell us about (parks, eateries, coffee shops, salons, breweries)?

Very addicted to the iced lavender coffee at Wash Perk. We love the patio at Vert and Bon Ami. Max’s Gill & Grill is another fav, along with Roxy Broadway, Palenque, and Davino Wine Shop. And of course, Wash Park.

What did you love about working with your Love Your Hood broker?

Mark was so quick to the draw when we told him we wanted to see a house. Communication was top notch. We appreciated his straight-shooter approach, and that he wasn’t overly sales-y. We liked working with Mark so much that we recommended him to a friend. Mark just helped them buy a house in Platt Park!

Want to live in Wash Park West?

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