Love Your Hood

Erica + Vijay

Englewood, Colorado

Erica and Vijay started their home search on a snowy day in Colorado. They knew they were destined to find their new home, it was just a matter of locating the right neighborhood and the right place (new versus historic!?), and of course, a matter of time. After one visit to Iron Works Village, the signals were a-flyin’ and something told them “this is it.” We are so excited that Erica and Vijay found the perfect home for them!

What made you fall in love with your home?

We loved the space and how it flowed as soon as you walked in! There was so much room, from the living room and kitchen to the basement and top floors. We also loved the porch space that the home offered.

What prompted you to make a move?

We knew we wanted to look for a home in the area, but we were trying to find something that fit our lifestyle and our overall style in the right price range.

Is there a project you’re dying to start in your new place (or some that you’ve already tackled)?

One big project that we tackled (that is still a work in progress) is our basement gym! We are also working on the porch and outdoor space right now. We cannot wait for the weather to warm up and for us to be able to set up that area. We did paint one wall and decorate another wall in our living room!

What most excites you about the neighborhood you moved into?

We really just love having all of this extra room! The neighborhood is peaceful, has outdoor space for our dog to run around, and the inside of this home is so spacious, offering us much more room than our previous apartment. And the mountains are amazing, we can see them from our window and porch!

Who, in your new neighborhood, would you most like to connect with (young families, runners, bikers, dog lovers, beer brewers)?

We are always looking to connect with dog lovers and those that are active, especially people that love lifting weights, as that is a passion of ours!

What are things in your neighborhood that remind you of your hometown?

Broadway is the closest thing that reminds me of my hometown. It has a variety of shops, both commercial chains and local ones, that are spread out. Honestly, there are more differences between my hometown and our neighborhood, and I love that, because we are always discovering new things!

Have some favorite places in your neighborhood you could tell us about (parks, eateries, coffee shops, salons, breweries)?

We love the outdoor space that is built into the neighborhood. Harvard Gulch Park is nearby as well, and has so much room to walk and play with our dog. We’ve also been loving the Italian restaurant just down the street, called Colore. The food is amazing and the staff is so friendly! Additionally, we’ve enjoyed takeout from The Crab House, which is also very close by.

What did you love about working with your Love Your Hood broker?

Celeste is amazing! She’s warm, knowledgeable, and just overall helpful. She helped us throughout the process and we really felt that we could trust her to help us find a place we would love, and she certainly did!

Want to live in Englewood?

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