Love Your Hood

Mark + Angie

Clayton, Denver

We are lucky to get to know our clients and to be invited into their story, and we feel even luckier when they come back to us years later when their housing needs change. In 2014, Mark helped Mark and Angie buy their home when they were just a family of three. In July 2017, he helped them sell it so they could buy a bigger house for their growing family (soon to be six!). It’s extremely special to work with clients who we’ve been able to watch their family grow, and Mark and Angie are some of those clients for us.

What will you miss most about this house?

There are so many things that we loved about this house but I’ll narrow it down to three.

  1. First, we loved the BIG backyard. It was perfect for the kids to play outside and for us to host gatherings.
  2. Second, we loved the living room and dining room on the main floor. The open floor plan made it a great space for having people over!
  3. Lastly, we loved the brick wall. It was just cool!

Did any special life occasions happen while living here?

We brought our daughter home from the hospital to this house.

Did you make any changes to your home since you bought it?

The backyard! When we bought this house, it was just dirt, weeds, and concrete. Last summer, we completely overhauled it. We put in sod, a new fence, garden boxes, and a shade sail patio area.

What will you miss most about your neighborhood?

We will definitely miss our neighbors the most!  Clayton is a deeply rooted neighborhood and some of our neighbors have been here for decades. Everyone already knew each other and when we moved into the neighborhood, they were very welcoming to us. We love this neighborhood so much that we decided to stay in it. We are only moving a couple of blocks away!

Editor’s note: Rebecca went over to Mark and Angie’s house the day before we listed it. When she showed up, Angie said that Mark ran down to their neighbor’s home and would be back soon. At least 45 minutes later, Mark shows up and one of the first things he said was “sorry about that, I went to help them with something, but ended up talking and hanging out.” He then proceeded to tell Rebecca about how much they were going to miss the neighbors and he described the epic, annual 4th of July party that one of his neighbors throws every year for the neighborhood.

Could you tell us about your favorite places in your neighborhood?

Park: Nairobi Park is an awesome park, especially for little kids. It has some great green space!

Coffee Shops: Prodigy Coffee is a local coffee shop with a laid-back atmosphere, great coffee, and even greater mission.

Eateries: On the weekend mornings, we always walked to get burritos at 3 Girasoles. Hands down the best breakfast burritos in town and it’s only three blocks away!

Want to live in Clayton?

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