Love Your Hood

Zach + Anna

West Wash Park, Denver

We love it when our clients know how to have a good time on showings and throughout the buying process. When we think of Zach and Anna, that’s what think of… two people who know how to have fun!

Mark met this awesome couple at church and helped them buy their first condo in Five Points. A year or so later, they decided to move on up, so we sold their Five Points condo and helped them find their next home. This is the story of their new chapter in West Wash Park.

What made you fall in love with this house?

Anna: Sitting on the front porch, surrounded by trees, and listening to the birds chirp and how quiet the neighborhood was.

Zach: The front door had a keypad for keyless entry. I always wanted one of those. And when I walked inside everything seemed to sing! It just made me feel like an adult when I walked in.

What prompted you to move here?

Anna: We wanted a dog and the condo we were living in wasn’t dog-friendly. We also want a family down the line and we needed a house we could grow into.

Zach:  We had done a lot with our former condo, but it didn’t feel like home. There was only so much we could do to make it “ours” because we also had a downstairs neighbor who we shared an HOA with, so anytime we wanted to do anything, we had to get his approval. When we decided to move, we wanted a property that we could truly customize and make our own.

Have any special life occasions happened while living here?

We got a dog!!! Our puppy, Luca!

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

Anna:  It feels like its own little small town, but with easy access to big city amenities. And the park!

Zach: I love the trees, the park, and the other dog walkers. I love that Wash Park is only a stone’s throw away and people are active at all hours of the day. It makes me think I could be active like that one day. 😉

Have you made any changes to your home since you bought it?

We’ve updated the upstairs bath, built a 2-car detached garage, completely redid the backyard (it was previously a large gravel lot), painted several rooms and exposed some hidden brick in the kitchen. We also got furniture that actually matched and wasn’t collected through years of gifting or craigslist.

Editor’s Note: Yes, they bought their house in November 2016 and they’ve already done this much work. This is because Anna and Zach have been given the gifts of both vision + action. For instance, the Five Points condo that we helped them buy was not the same Five Points condo we helped them sell. They tore down walls, exposed brick, painted walls, renovated bathrooms… all in a years time. They see the potential of a home and turn it into reality.

What are things in your new neighborhood that remind you of your hometown?

In North Carolina, there are trees all over the place, so all of the trees in our new neighborhood give us a taste of home. This is new for us because our old block was pretty barren when it came to trees.

Who would you love to connect with in your neighborhood?

Zach: Dog owners who work from home, so we could potentially host a dog-sharing program, where a few days a week, you get another dog to come keep your dog company or you drop your dog off with another owner and have some time to think.

What are some of your neighborhood favs?

Baked Goods: Devil’s Food. Their food is incredible and their business has grown so much that they split into a bakery and a separate restaurant.  The new bakery is so homey, with white tiled floors, and large glass containers boasting their wears. The spot is so popular (and they often run out of our favorites – the red velvet cake and coffee crumb cake).

Coffee: Wash Perk and Overt. They’re so close and they both love our dog. Oh, and they also both have really good coffee.

Brewery: That is one thing we haven’t discovered yet. There are a few outside of walking distance but there is definitely an opportunity for a local pub to move in (hint, hint).

Park: Wash Park. It’s massive with some awesome lakes, running trails, and a great rec center… it’s just beautiful!

Take-out: Swing Thai. Two words: panaang curry. So good that is makes us slow down and enjoy every slurp.

Pizza: Basil Docs makes killer pies. A short 10 minute out-and-back trip will have you with a cheesy, gooey, pizza back at your kitchen table.

Restaurant: Devil’s Food and Vert. Devil’s Food’s food has a touch of Southern style. Not the greasy, deep fried food kind of southern but rather, the restaurant has captured southern hospitality in its flavors… grits that float, golden brown crab cakes, and killer salads.

Sushi: Taki!

Salon/Spa: El Salon.

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