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Zach Zinicola

Real Estate Showing Broker

Zach Zinicola

Who Zach Helps

Zach is our resident showing broker, so get used to seeing his face during your home search! His work allows our team to be able to focus on getting clients into their dream home faster and more easily. With us, you get an entire team of real estate professionals for the price of one!

Zach's Story

Zach was born and raised near the beaches of North Carolina. In 2019, he heard the call of the mountains and headed out west to Denver, trading in the sand and humidity for the sunshine and majesty of the Rockies. Once here, he found it had everything he could ever want: friendly people, gorgeous views, hiking, seasons(!), and endless parks with furry friends for his pup Wiley.

After studying finance at the College of Charleston, Zach realized that a life of staring at spreadsheets and computer screens all day had no appeal to him whatsoever. So, back to the proverbial drawing board he went! Zach always had a love of real estate; he enjoyed browsing through local listings, strolling through local neighborhoods, and admiring and noting his favorite homes. So, he thought, why not lean into that passion and turn his “hobby” into a career?

About Love Your Hood

Zach got his start in property management. He loved meeting new people and helping them to settle into their new place. But soon he found himself wanting to be the one helping people find somewhere to plant roots and call home, rather than just find something that “would do for now.” Zach set his sights on becoming a residential broker.

In an ultimate act of serendipity, Zach found Love Your Hood, a firm that aligned perfectly with his values, and whose mission he is incredibly excited to further support!

When he’s not helping you find your dream home, you can find Zach in the mountains hiking, at the dog park, at trivia night with friends, in the kitchen cooking, or watching pretty much any sporting event with a ball.

Q+A with Zach

We sat down with Zach to find out what makes him tick:

I love helping people not only find the perfect place to call home, but also to guide them through such an important financial decision. Making such a large purchase can be scary, and I love being there to help relieve that stress and put clients at ease. Plus, I get to go see houses as my job! How cool is that?

Every morning while walking the dog, I bring a bag to fill up with litter. You’d be surprised at some of the things I’ve come across. I’m also looking forward to utilizing the grill for my neighbors once the weather warms up a bit!

I’m a big home cook! I have so much fun trying out new recipes and different types of cuisines. I especially love testing everything out on my friends (they probably appreciate the free meal too).

I’m at the Capitol! I live nearby in Cap Hill and love the beauty of the building and being able to see the sunlight bounce off the dome. It’s also such a cool feeling knowing that important legislation is being discussed and passed right down the street!

I’ve always loved history (older homes are my favorite), so I think it would be cool to be an archaeologist. Fighting through jungles, uncovering history, exploring exotic locations, running away from rolling boulders… or maybe I just watched Indiana Jones too many times.

To visit Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, in Bolovia!

Who Zach Supports

Some of Zach’s favorite organizations to support. Check ’em out!

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Looking to buy a home? Sell one? Have a question? Zach is all ears.

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