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Deb helps buyers and sellers in Metro Denver and the great town of Arvada where she lives. Something she takes great pride in is the amount of attention, care, and focus she gives to each of her clients. Having their trust is so important to her because most of her business comes from referrals and personal connections.

What Clients Have to Say

While we don’t measure success by the number of homes we sell, you might want to know that we’re actually good at what we do. Find out what clients have to say about Deb and the homes she’s helped them buy and sell.

Q + A with Deb


We sat down with Deb to find out what makes her tick:

What about your work excites you?
I love every part of my job. From the first moment that my buyers walk into the house that’s “the one”, down to the moment they make it official and get to hold the keys to their new place. I also love releasing sellers of a property that is no longer working for them.
How do you Love Your Hood?
I. Love. My. Hood. Open communication and connecting with my neighbors is important to me, which is why I started our neighborhood Facebook group. I also get to serve and connect with our community through Friends 55+, my church life group that I helped start.
How do you keep your fire going?
How can I not keep my fire going? I love helping other people. There’s nothing better than being able to serve others. Getting away and seeing the world. Spending time with my friends, family, and my grandkids (who are life-giving and exhausting).
Where are you in your picture and why are you there?
I'm in one of Arvada's many parks, Majestic View Nature Center, on over 80 acres of rolling land. There are tennis courts, the nature center with educational activities and events, walking paths, and open areas for exercise and play. There is a beautiful view of the mountains, a pond, and gorgeous sunsets from here. Arvada's 3,400 acre park system features a park within a ten minute walk of every residence. I love my hood!
If you weren't doing what you are today, what other job would you have?
Growing up I always wanted to be an architect designing homes. I would draw up floor plans and different ideas for the exterior, but reality hit when I realized how much math would be required. That interest has morphed into a love of interior design. I’ve had the chance to help build and decorate personal and spec homes, including one on the island of Bequia in the West Indies.
What's your guilty pleasure?
Not so guilty pleasure: dark chocolate. I believe dark chocolate is actually good for you, it’s not dessert if it isn’t chocolate, and a day should never go by without it. Seriously. Never.
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Deb's Story

Colorado was calling in 2007 (your only daughter moving there will do that!), so Deb uprooted her successful 18 year strong real estate career from Northern Illinois and brought what she knew to this fabulous state. After living in several different Denver communities (and constantly asking herself why it took her so long to move here), she finally planted her roots in the great town of Arvada.

In 2011, she co-founded Starbuck Realty Group, with Mark and Jen, and put to good use all the years of experience she had in helping others in buying, selling, and developing residential real estate.

Deb’s foundation is her faith and her family. When she isn’t running around chasing her grandkids, you can find her pursuing different hobbies. In fact, one of her greatest accomplishments outside of real estate was earning her private pilot’s license. The thrill of doing her first tri-leg solo cross country remains with her to this day. This is fitting because she and her husband Alan love to travel the world (just not in a Cessna 172)!

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