Who Meredith Helps

As Love Your Hood's Visual Storyteller, Meredith makes sure our team is lookin' good. Through photography, videography, and design, she gets to support our real estate and property management folks in what they do. She also has the opportunity to connect with our clients as she visually tells the stories of what they love about where they live!

Q + A with Meredith

We sat down with Meredith to find out what makes her tick:

What about your work excites you?
I look forward to creating content that makes a difference. Community is such a significant part of life, and I feel we truly get what we give. Therefore, I love that I get to utilize my creativity to connect others with ways to give back to their neighborhood and cultivate joy in the place they call home.
How do you Love Your Hood?
I love to support the local business scene in Boulder by shopping its Farmer's Market, cafes and art fairs. As a Colorado newbie, it's been fun to get to know my neighbors and offer to help with their needs, from dogsitting to a good ol' cup of sugar.
How do you keep your fire going?
Maintaining the close friendships and relationships in my life keeps me inspired, connected, and filled with joy. As a recent transplant, I'm loving the ever-continuing exploration of Colorado and getting to know my new community. Additionally, a great thrift-haul-turned-upcycle or a delicious home-cooked meal a la Mere's Kitchen brings out my love for working with my hands to create something new.
Where are you in your picture and why are you there?
My photo was taken in Chataqua Park! As the access to the Flatirons, Chataqua is every Boulder resident's go-to for hiking, strolling, and exercising. I love the way the Flatirons envelop Boulder and are visible from just about anywhere in town. I relish in the way they welcome me home each night after work -- usually with a stellar alpenglow.
If you weren't doing what you are today, what other job would you have?
As a Gender and Women's Studies major at UW-Madison, I became fascinated with the history and culture of childbirth. Unusual? Maybe so. But if I were to have a career change, I would love to be a nurse midwife!
What's your go to karaoke song?
Gold Digger by Kanye West. Yes, I know every word. Now let me hear that back...
Love Your Hood Stories

Meredith's Story

In 2015, while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Meredith bought her first DSLR camera. The idea was to have some higher-quality photos of her college years, but it quickly turned into taking engagement photos, graduation photos, family photos, pet photos--you name it--for her community. So, Meredith Marie Co. was born and she found herself as a professional photographer! She knew entrepreneurship wasn't exactly for her, so after graduating from UW-Madison with her BA in Communication Arts and Gender and Women's Studies, Meredith took an internship-turned-full-time-role as a corporate photographer and videographer in Madison. This role was a huge blessing, as she learned the ins and outs of content creation and developed a new love for video and design. During those years, Meredith also used photo and video to grow the passion projects of others. Finding immense joy and purpose in helping others through her own skillset, it was then Meredith knew she wanted to make a bigger difference with what she was creating. Cue a move to the mountains and feeling drawn to the mission of Love Your Hood to better love our neighbors, and here she is!

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