Love Your Hood

Spruce Some Yards

As the leaves start to fall and winter slowly approaches, our yards and sidewalks need some TLC. For this month’s challenge, spend some extra time outside by giving your neighbors a helping hand with their yards!

Love Your Hood Challenge | Yard Clean-up

(Miss the background on what the Love Your Hood Challenge is all about? Check it out here.)

Help Neighbors with yardwork

Rake and sweep.

A fall necessity, raking yards and sweeping decks and sidewalks will already have you outside this month. Notice a neighbor with lots of fallen leaves? Show them some care by sweeping or raking for them. If they have kids, consider leaving a pile for jumping! Fall isn’t over until you’ve jumped into a pile of leaves.

Pull weeds and prep the garden.

Share a garden plot with your neighbors? Spot some overgrown weeds along your street? Time to pull on those gardening gloves and get your hands dirty. Discarding weeds and cleaning up the garden before winter hits won’t go unappreciated.

Offer help blowing out sprinkler lines.

If you own an air compressor, offering to blow out sprinkler lines is great way to help to your neighbors winterize and save a buck! Whether you simply lend the equipment or end up sharing the activity together, it’s a kind and easy way to forge connection in your neighborhood.

Love Your Hood Challenge | Yard Clean-up


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