Love Your Hood

Jake + Danielle

Aurora, Colorado

Having just added a daughter to their young clan, this sweet family is moving toward the mountains. Jake and Danielle wanted to provide room for their kiddos to play outside, to be near hiking, skiing and fishing — they’ve even got a stream in their new backyard! We captured some photos to help them remember the few years they spent at this cozy Aurora home.

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What will you miss most about this home?

We will miss our small group from church the most. We’ve become great friends and it will be hard to be further away.

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Do you have any favorite spots, or features of your home?

We like that you can see the kitchen from the living room — the openness is great!

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Did you make any special connections with your neighbors while you lived here?

We got to know some good friends from our small group while living here. We will definitely continue our friendships with them after the move.

Did any special life occasions happen while living here?

Our son had his first birthday, took his first steps and got his first teeth in this home. We also welcomed our daughter into the family here!

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Did you make any changes to your home since you bought it?

We did some landscaping and updating to appliances and furniture.

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What will you miss most about your neighborhood?

We’ll miss the convenient location to many of the things that we love, like Flatirons Church, The Trails Rec Center, and Core Power Yoga.

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Could you tell us about your favorite places in your neighborhood?

We like to walk around Quincy Reservoir and skip rocks on the water with our son. Also the BEST Thai food around, Pearl of Siam.

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