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Mike + Linda

Arvada, Colorado

Mike and Linda first met Deb through their church group, Friends 55+. Over the years, their friendship has grown as they have volunteered together in numerous areas at Peace Lutheran Church in Arvada.

Several years ago (when home prices weren’t sky high!) Deb had the privilege of helping Mike and Linda find a condo for their son. Finding the nest empty, the couple decided it was time to downsize from their large home. It didn’t take long for them to seize the opportunity to build a new, right-sized home and customize it to their preferences. Once they moved in, it didn’t take long for them to make new friends and serve their community (Mike is already the president of the neighborhood association). Now, Mike and Linda’s neighborhood and home are a great fit for them! This is their story:

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What made you fall in love with this house?

We wanted a patio home with a small community feel. We also wanted to stay in the area we were familiar with as didn’t want to leave our friends or church. The house we finally chose fit all our criteria. It has the room we need but small enough to easily maintain, being a patio home we no longer are in charge of our own lawn care or snow removal which we love.

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What prompted you to move here?

We were looking for a smaller, ranch style home. At the time I was having difficulty with stairs due to arthritis and we had become empty nesters which meant we no longer needed a four bedroom house.

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Is there a project you’re dying to start:

The house we chose was a new build but because I love to decorate I am always finding small projects to put our personal stamp on. I am now in the process of finding the style of beams we like to have installed in our living room. This will bring warmth and charm to our home.

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What most excites you about the neighborhood you’re moving into?

It was a small community, built by a two man partnership which gave all home owners the ability to make changes and the builders were very accommodating. Our community is very close knit and you can be assured someone is always willing you give you help when needed.

What are things in your new neighborhood that remind you of your hometown?

The small community feel and that everyone knows everyone. We are of all the same age which also gives us common interests, also most everyone feels comfortable in just popping in with no formal invite needed.

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What are some of your neighborhood favs?

We have lived around this community for the last 20 plus years so have seen many changes but we love the walking trails.

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We also love what has been done to theOlde Town portion of our city.

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Who would you love to connect with in your neighborhood?

We have connected most with the folks in our community and since it is a small development we have gotten to know most everyone on more than a wave and hi as they walk by.

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