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Share What You Have

No one has everything. But everyone has something! This month we’re challenging you to share what you do have with your neighbors!

Love Your Hood Challenge | Share What You Have

(Miss the background on what the Love Your Hood Challenge is all about? Check it out here.)

Share what you have

Whether it’s time, a talent, or even some extra cash, make a point of sharing something you have with your neighbors. Feeling like none of those are feasible to give right now? Start with a smile or a kind word. Even just those two things can go a long way in making someone’s day a bit brighter! Here are some ideas to get you going:

Share a talent.

Are you good at home repair projects? Fixing bikes? Painting? IT issues? Making a delicious home-cooked meal? Offer one of these to a neighbor that could benefit.

Love Your Hood Challenge | Share What You Have

Share your time.

Know a neighbor that could use some company? What about another parent that could use a little break from their kids? A couple that just moved in that doesn’t know anyone yet? Challenge yourself to reach out to them and spend some time together.

Love Your Hood Challenge | Share What You Have

Share your stuff.

Have a shed full of garden tools? Have books others might enjoy reading? Have 8,000,000 LEGO pieces a neighbor’s kid might like to play with? How about a cup of sugar? Allow what you’ve been blessed with to bless those around you.

Share your cash.

Anyone around you having a rough time with some extra or unknown expenses? It can be really fun to find ways to help them anonymously with their needs. 

Love Your Hood Challenge | Share What You Have


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